• Different technologies are monitored differently (Hardware, Appliances, Software, Applications …)
  • Different technologies use different protocols (SNMP, WMI, SSH …) for monitoring
  • The parameters are defined by the technology vendors, there are not standard parameter sets
  • There is no consistent definition of parameters (what do you need to monitor and why do you need to monitor this parameter)
  • There are too many parameters per technology.

Vendors address this complexity by delivering monitors that are:

  • Too generic (too many parameters and events)
  • The parameters will need to be tuned to be usable
  • Parameters are not transferable between technologies.
The result is that Monitoring is not 100% usable out-of-the box. To help the customers reach their target service levels without the burden of mastering complex monitoring tools and the constant adaptation of these tools to an ever-changing environment, we offer a service model for monitoring, where we provide solutions for all the following ICT monitoring domains:
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Application monitoring
  • End User Experience monitoring
  • Cloud monitoring
  • Log monitoring
Monitoring is not only about technology; it includes people and processes. You need tools and expertise plus; your monitoring needs to be embedded in your processes. Too often we have seen that the best tools used by the best experts lose their value when there is no dedicated ownership for monitoring anchored in the ICT organization.


When you need to monitor a device or software, you are always confronted with the question: what and how do you need to monitor a specific technology. Most of the time, there are a lot of parameters and it is not always clear which ones are of value and what the ideal value should be. Add to that the different monitoring protocols and options and you know that this can become a difficult and time-consuming exercise.

Many tools provide too much irrelevant data and alerts and not enough insight to take the appropriate actions. We deliver MonitorNow as a Service and we focus on the value for ICT operations. Our large production environment helps us to constantly improve MonitorNow and our level of monitoring maturity and all our customers profit from the improvements we implement.


Does all of this mean that you as a user of this monitoring service lose control over your monitoring technology? Not at all! We covered that too!